BIA Grant

BIA Grant Opportunity for Federally Recognized American Indian Tribes Deadline to Submit August 12


DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Bureau of Indian Affairs Solicitation of Proposals for Technical Assistance Funding From the Native American Business Development Institute

AGENCY: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Interior.


The Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development (IEED), through its Native American Business Development Institute (NABDI), is soliciting proposals from federally recognized American Indian tribes for technical assistance funding to hire consultants to perform feasibility studies of economic development opportunities or long-term, strategic, reservation-wide economic development plans. These feasibility studies will empower American Indian tribes and tribal businesses to make informed decisions regarding their economic futures. Feasibility studies may concern the viability of an economic development project or business or the practicality of a technology a tribe may choose to pursue. The IEED will use a competitive evaluation process to select several proposed projects to receive an award.

Deadline: Grant proposals must be submitted on or before August 12, 2011.  IEED will not consider grant proposals received after this date.


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