PA applicant briefings - schedule

Begin forwarded message:



                                Briefing for Applicants who have PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE DAMAGE




Please distribute to political subdivisions of the State, PNP organizations, Rural Electric Coops, School District, Irrigation District, Tribal Governments, Incorporated Cities or Towns that may have eligible damage.


The State & FEMA will be conducting PA Applicant Briefings.   These briefings are for Political Subdivisions of the State, Tribal Governments, City Governments, State Agencies, Private-non-Profit organizations that file IRS 501 (c), and special districts.  Please make it to a briefing with someone who can designate an applicant agent for this disaster.  The Public Assistance program and the process of reimbursement for eligible costs due to the 2011 Spring flooding will be discussed. You will need to complete an RPA. (Request for Public Assistance).    Attached is the schedule showing Cities, date, time & place. 




I stress:  This is not an applicant briefing for Individual Assistance (IA). 



See you at the briefings,


Tim Thennis

Bureau Chief

Response & Recovery

Montana Disaster & Emergency Services Division


406-324-4790 Fax


APP BRF Schedule1.xls