ExxonMobil Oil Spill Fact Sheet - Claim Number To Call



Good Morning Regional Office and Crow Agency Employees,


I think most of you are aware of the oil spill that occurred on July 1st near Laurel, Montana.  Attached is a fact sheet that was distributed at a public meeting held the evening of July 6th at the Holiday Inn Grand in Billings, Montana.


Please review the information and use it yourselves, or pass it along to any of your family members that may be affected by the oil spill.


Should anyone need to submit a claim for damages, or to report any sightings of oil in the Yellowstone River, or affected wildlife then call this number:






Gordon Jackson

Deputy Regional Director - Indian Services

Rocky Mtn Region

316 N.26th Street

Billings, MT 59101


Office Phone:  (406) 247-7943

Fax number: (406) 247-7976

Cell Phone:  (406) 670-8520

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Oil Spill Fact Sheet 7-6-11.pdf