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  • Darwin St. Clair, Jr., Chairman
  • Vice-Chairman (Acting) Mike LaJeunesse
  • Robert Hereford
  • Ivan D. Posey
  • Wes Martel
Eastern Shoshone Business Council
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Ft. Washakie, WY 82514
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Eastern Shoshone

Eastern Shoshone

The Shoshone

The vast territory belonging to the Shoshonean linguistic stock of the large Uto-Aztecan family once stretched from the rugged Cascades and Sierra Nevadas to the northern Plains, then southward almost into Mexico. With the exception of the Washos of California, it included all of the Indians in the Great Basin area-the Shoshonis, the Paiutes (Paviotsos), the Bannocks (Northern Paiutes), Commanches, and the Utes. There was a variety of dialects, but the natives had little difficulty understanding each other.

With their linguistic bond and cultural similarity, they were not readily distinguishable. Yet the Shoshoni (Snake) Indians, bearing the linguistic name and speaking the Shoshoni-Comanche dialect, are unique in that they show the influence of three distinct cultures-namely, the Basin, the Plateau, and the Plains. Their territory, separate from that of their kinsmen, the Paiutes and Utes, stretched continuously from the desert area of California, across the central and northwestern Nevada, then across Utah and Idaho into Wyoming, over the Rockies and on to the Plains, with the Comanche branch pushing southeastward through Colorado deep into Texas.

The Great Treaty Council. officially known as the Fort Bridger Treaty Council of 1868, was highly significant as it was the last treaty council called for the purpose of establishing a reservation. Thereafter, all reservations were created by executive order.

-Excerpts from The Shoshonis, Sentinels of the Rockies by Vurgina Cole Trenholm and Maurine Carley-the (spelling of the word shoshone differs in the book)

The Eastern Shoshone of the Wind River Reservation

The Eastern Shoshone are located on the Wind River Reservation, which is located in the central region of the state of Wyoming. The reservation is home to two tribes: the Northern Arapaho and the Eastern Shoshone. The tribes operate as two separate tribal governments. The reservation covers 2,268,008 acres. There are 4,005 Eastern Shoshone.

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